Likeonomics by Rohit Bhargava

December 7, 2013

I just finished Rohit Bhargava’s book Likeonomics and found it to be a very welcome alternative to the greedy practices and image of business today. The concept of conducting business in an authentic manner and providing real value in return for income is even more appealing in today’s market. Bhargava advises that by operating within spheres of truth, relevance, unselfishness, simplicity, and timing you can build relationships based on trust and realize great business success without resorting to all the negative things so common in today’s business world, not the least of which is outright lying to the public, which has resulted in a major believability crisis. This book is loaded with real business examples, from Steve Jobs to the Green Bay Packers, and is a great read for the stories alone! Likeonomics Official Book Website


50 Customer Service Quotes

March 26, 2013
50 Customer Service Quotes You Need to Hang In Your Office

Moving Towards Tax Season

November 28, 2012

My regular work has slowed down considerably and I am looking ahead to the upcoming tax season.  I have a lot of useful tax practice organization information authored by Edward Mendlowitz and hope to implement more quality control checklists and other practices to maintain high quality in the midst of the high quantity of work that tax season brings.

Good Reasons to Have Both a Bookkeeper and a Tax Pro

December 22, 2009

There is an article at the Microsoft Small Busness Resources website titled “Good Reasons to Have Both a Bookkeeper and a Tax Pro” which relates to my previous post. “A bookkeeper is going to be focused on properly recording the day-to-day financial activities of your business. This may sound simpler than the review, planning, and tax-return preparation activities that your tax pro engages in. But without good bookkeeping, and good books, tax pros can’t properly do their job. In fact, many tax pros won’t even take on a business client if the client cannot produce an accurate balance sheet and is unwilling to hire someone who will get his books in proper order.”

Mutually Beneficial Outcome with CPA Firm Taxes

December 21, 2009

Ever find yourself just fiddling with a mechanical pencil, or rearranging supplies in your desk drawer, just for the sake of doing something else than working for a minute or two? While needless or purposeless activities can serve as a stress break, they don’t add much to the value of your work, at least not directly. Do you realize that when you bring incomplete or uncorrected bookkeeping records in to your CPA for the purpose of completing your annual tax return, you are forcing your CPA or their staff to work at less than their optimal level. In other words, just because you are able to take out the trash upon occasion, does that mean that it is good economic sense to be a garbage hauler when you have a business degree? Of course not. You and your family are best served by performing work in your area of specialization, because society puts a higher value on that work and rewards you appropriately. Your CPA does not want to bill you for all the clerical work to complete and correct your bookkeeping records when he or she possesses the experience and skill to be completing complex accounting and tax analysis, and because of their advanced specialization, they do not require a lot of billable time to do so either. So this year, use your CPA properly. If your bookkeeping is not complete or is very disordered, hire a contract or freelance bookkeeper to complete your accounting books for the year, pay the bookkeeper their lower rate, and deliver complete and accurate accounting records to your CPA and request a lower fee due to the quality of accounting records you are supplying for the tax preparation service. Any CPA who is thinking in profitability terms should be delighted to provide you with a relatively lower fee which is generally based on the time required to complete the tax return, including time to complete accounting records. If a CPA has been simply billing clients at regular CPA rates for all the work, bookkeeping as well as tax preparation, then that CPA is not properly meeting the needs of his clients, because those clients can get the bookkeeping work done cheaper, since CPA expertise is not required for regular bookkeeping. The final tax return quality is or should be identical whether the bookkeeping is completed by the CPA or another bookkeeper, as the CPA will still be able to quickly review the bookkeeping for errors and can make common year end adjustments quickly as well. When CPA firm personnel are working primarily in their area of specialization, in this case, taxation, they are providing the greatest profitability work to their firm, which is not the case when they are forced to spend high rate hours correcting and completing client books for the annual tax return work. Bring in great records and everyone wins!

My New QuickBooks Bookkeeping Service

November 30, 2009

I am offering a freelance bookkeeping and QuickBooks consulting service which is providing a competitive value by offering low-cost bookkeeping for individuals and small businesses who do not need the services of a full time bookkeeper but can still benefit from my services so that they can devote more of their time to important business tasks.  I am also prepared to provide assistance for setting up the QuickBooks program, regular or occasional cleanup of accounting general ledger postings and overall tuneup of the computerized accounting system, troubleshooting problems, and assisting or training the owner or an in-house bookkeeper.  My past work experience in public accounting has emphasized adjusting annual accounting books on QuickBooks, and prior work included three years using QuickBooks in private accounting as part of the nearly 18 years total working in bookkeeping and accounting.